4 SEO Predictions for 2015

  1. The glut of content created by the embrace of content marketing will make links and social signals more important than ever, creating an evolutionary arms race where the cost to compete is higher but competitors are no better off.
  2. Crowd-searching services which are meant to manipulate CTR will become popular. Won’t link to it, but you can Google ‘crowdsearch’ and find a provider. This will work exceptionally well in local search where there is less competition.
  3. Google will continue to displace the middle-men (website owners) and provide answers/content directly in SERPs, particularly within SERPs that they couldn’t previously monetize with ads, like lyrics.
  4. As more money goes into native advertising, Google will attempt to monetize in-depth articles or acquire a company to get in on the action.

Excited to look back on these in a year to see if they’re accurate at all.

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