About Dave Shapiro

My name is David Shapiro, and this is my web house. Welcome.


As mentioned above, my name is Dave Shapiro (I go by Dave or David).


This site is a brain-dump of what I read to help crystallize key points into my long term memory.


I’m initially from Chicago, Illinois and went to college at the University of Wisconsin. I currently reside in San Diego, CA.


This blog was berthed in 2007, but I’ve posted in spurts. I’m not going to make any commitments regarding how often I post, but I’m trying to write more so hopefully this will help.


One of my goals was to read and write more. I’d like to start creating instead of consuming content. I notice that when I don’t read for a while I feel dumber. I’d like to get smarter. Hence this blog. To be 100% transparent, at some point I’d also like to make money from my blog, but that’s a while away, if ever.


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