The Secret To A Successful Online Business

Want to learn how to start a successful business online?

1) Become absurdly good at something.

Spend an obsessive amount of time reading everything you can about this service/product you’re offering.

Read the top 5 books on Amazon about the topic, then read the next five.

Follow industry news and read industry sources.

Once you’re able to separate the signal from the noise in your industry, proceed to step 2.

2) Sell

No matter what type of business you’re starting you’re going to have to sell. And you’re probably not well known enough to generate a ton of inbound leads at this point, so you need to go out and get in front of people.

This is the first thing you should do before putting up a website and before you do any sort of marketing, although 99% of people do it the other way. They’ll spend time getting an LLC, having a logo made, putting up a website, creating marketing materials, only to find out that their offer is wrong, or people actually want a product and not a service.

You can’t have a business without sales, so stop everything else and start selling.

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