Author name: Dave

Statistics From Scratch

I took a few Statistics classes as electives to finish my undergraduate degree (18 years later—another subject for another time). They were both using R, which I enjoyed learning because I already knew a little about Python and it was interesting to see how R differed from Python. The classes were actually a lot of …

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100 Days of Code

Why Am I Doing This? I’d like to get better at both Google Apps Script and Python. Posting to my blog which has been a ghost town for years is my way of holding myself accountable. Although nobody reads this and I’ll delete this post if I end up failing, but it at least FEELS …

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You v2.0

The first time I read of the body as hardware and the mind as software analogy was while reading Lying by Sam Harris I do not remember what I thought about lying before I took “The Ethical Analyst,” but the course accomplished as close to a firmware upgrade of my brain as I have ever …

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