Most Of Your Work Day is Wasted

There are few things you do throughout the day which nobody else can do as well as you.

Spend time doing those things and try to offload everything else.

When you know the few things which have the biggest impact you should focus on those exclusively.

Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage says so.


I’m pretty good at helping websites get more traffic from search engines. I’m decent at creating good looking presentations.

My coworker is decent at helping websites get more traffic from search engines, but is excellent at making good looking presentations.

Every second I spend creating good looking presentations and that she spends helping websites get more traffic from search engines are wasted.

We’d both be better off if we focused exclusively on what we were good at.

Analyze where you provide the most value and focus on those areas exclusively.

Pareto’s Principle aka the 80/20 rule dictates that 20% of your input is responsible for 80% of your result.

Taken to the second degree it means that 4% of your input is responsible for 64% of your output.

Figure out what those leverage points are and focus on them exclusively, while trying to offload everything else.

You will be significantly better off, and get more things done.

A great book on the 80/20 Rule is theĀ 80/20 Principle – Secret To Achieving More With Less by Richard Koch

I highly recommend you pick this up.

It will dramatically change how you view your life and prioritize.

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