What on your site is linkable?

If you have to hesitate to answer this question or have no answer at all then it is going to be difficult to build links. In order to attract links, something on your site must be citation worthy. By not giving any reason for visitors to link to your site, then why would they want to let their visitors know about you? If you fail to differentiate your site from the other sites in the your niche, your chances of long term success decrease significantly.

Often site owners will begin with the link building phase immediately after getting their site to a functioning level. This is essentially putting the cart before the horse. Consider that when other site owners are linking to you they are basically vouching for your site to their visitors. You have to have something on your site that conveys your site is quality. That could come in the form of a unique site design, useful tool, quality article, or any thing else you can think of. By producing or purchasing something that is citation worthy in your niche, you will be making your job much easier in the long run. Without such a thing on your site, the only links you will be able to secure are the same links that every other webmaster is getting, the few prominent directory links and a few rented text links, which give you no competitive advantage.

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